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A City of Light… Excerpts Chapter 6

Excerpts from Chapter 6 relating to the persecution of Susannah Wright:

‘Susannah was a native of Nottingham, the daughter of Sarah and Robert Godber who lived in Kid Street, near the foot of Goosegate. Her father was a …

When Richard Carlile, and subsequently his wife Jane and sister Mary Ann, were imprisoned for blasphemy, she offered to run the print shop at 55 Fleet Street …

Her arrest in 1821 at Carlile’s Fleet Street premises followed the intervention of … and she was indicted with being “an evil disposed and wicked person, and disregarding the Laws and Religion of this Realm, and wickedly and profanely devising, and intending to bring the Christian religion into disbelief and contempt among the people …”

The Republican … reported her release, one month before the end of her sentence: “It has been a lingering struggle on the part of Eldon, Peel and Co to yield even this; and nothing but the fear of Mrs Wright’s dying in prison has made them yield …”

Richard Carlile inserted a notice in The Republican: “Mrs Susannah Wright, now a widow, a native of Nottingham, will supply any persons in that town and neighbourhood with my publications, or with London publications generally, …”

Susannah opened for the business of selling books and papers in the last week in July at a stall in the Tradesman’s Mart on Parliament Street … On the morning of Monday 31st July Susannah moved into her new shop in Goosegate. …

“The town of Nottingham is in an uproar, the Saints are in a sweat, and all the bigots and blackguards are in a ferment – and for what? … The ire of the Christians is dreadful. The door has been broken open at midnight, and all the annoyance that a few illiterate knaves are capable of planning has been put into execution. …”

“Two youths came in and began to use the most dreadful language. I took up the pistol and very coolly asked them if they should like it fired at them …”

“I never saw anything like it in London. The scenes here are not to be described …” ‘

Read the full story of Susannah Wright’s experiences on her return to Nottingham in Chapter 6 of The City of Light: Socialism, Chartism and Co-operation – Nottingham 1844.

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