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The Lost Missionary: From Salford to San Francisco -the search for Henry Layland Knight

Henry Knight was an Owenite Social Missionary and his early life was recorded in Chapter 4 of ‘A Cityof Light …’. Now there is a short booklet about Henry’s life in America after the dissolution of the socialist community in Ridott, Illinois, in 1844. From Salford to San Francisco, via Yorkshire, Leicester and Nottingham.Henry L. Knight photo

Henry Knight was one of the few Social Missionaries who emigrated. Emigration was not generally favoured by the Owenite socialists. This emigration was an attempt to create a community based on the ideas of Robert Owen. It lasted 2 years. Until now the fate of the emigrants has been thought lost. Now most of the emigrants have been accounted for.

The booklet is available for £2.50 incl p&p from the author, Christopher Richardson. Email if you would like a copy posted to you.

Published June 2015. 24pp.


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